Ja'Mal Green

Ja’Mal Green

Internationally known community advocate, social entrepreneur, motivational speaker, radio host, political strategist, and former Chicago mayoral candidate Ja’Mal Green is lighting the world on fire with his determination to change the world. Green is an activist and entrepreneur whose activism and efforts have reached national and international audiences through features on ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC.

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At just 22, Ja'Mal Green was the youngest person to ever run for mayor of Chicago. Despite ultimately losing the mayoral race in 2018, here’s how he’s been helping to make his hometown a safer city.

Ja’Mal Green has always been on the right side of the truth, taking action and getting results.

His most recent activism efforts has landed Black and Latino families in Chicago, 600 million in loans from Chase Bank, to repair lending practices. “I’ll just be very blatant about it,” said Cerita Battles, Chase’s head of affordable lending, a new role she said is focused on increasing minority homeownership. “I think Ja’Mal Green and the city of Chicago brought something to our attention. (WBEZ Chicago)

Ja’Mal Green has always been on the right side of the truth, taking action and getting results. He stood up against the most powerful politicians when it was unpopular to change legislation. He stood up to the largest bank in the world (Chase Bank), forcing a Billion dollar investment into underserved communities. Green has raised tens of millions for small businesses around the country, especially during the pandemic to help them stay afloat. He now spends his time helping people achieve the goal of homeownership through his agency My Turn To Own. MTTO has facilitated over 10 million in mortgages in just 7 short months with a current pipeline of 1800 first time prospects.

motivational speaker

He is also a motivational speaker (most notably being a handpicked surrogate for Bernie Sanders during the 2016 & 2020 elections.) He is also a mentor whose outreach and youth group, Majostee Allstars, has made him a trusted and respected figure amongst Chicago’s youth.


Media figure

A popular media figure, Green is a frequent panelist on CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, ABC, CBS, and BBC, and has amassed thousands of followers through his growing social network. In April of 2018, Ja’Mal announced his run for mayor of Chicago making him the youngest to ever do so. After withdrawing from the race and supporting current mayor Lightfoot, Ja’Mal started a new radio show his company owns entitled Ja’Mal Green Speaks which aired on 106.3FM every Sunday at 4pm before the pandemic changed the industry.

Community activist Ja’Mal Green leads program to increase inner city home ownership

 Community activist Ja’Mal Green now has a corporate title as President of a multi-million dollar program to help increase inner city home ownership.

My Turn To Own

Green calls the ‘My Turn to Own’ initiative a revolutionary national movement where no one gets turned down, regardless of income level or credit rating. The organization works with banking partners from across the country to walk future home owners through the buying process and find the right fit for financing their dream. Green said if cities want to rebuild and revitalize declining neighborhoods, increasing home ownership is an integral step. The nationwide initiative aims to create a win-win situation, putting people in homes, lowering crime and creating a tax base that will benefit the state.

Put The Guns Down Ambassador

Faith and action Chicago public schools ambassador to implement programming in at risk schools in urban areas to reduce violence. With the partnership, sky-rocketing teens corp. organized assemblies throughout the city to raise awareness to the problems plaguing Chicago.